About Us

We are coffee producers dedicated to the production of high quality coffees through sustainable agriculture. Our farm is located in Boquete, a small town on the slopes of Volcan Barú in the province of Chiriquí, Republic of Panamá.

We use artisan techniques which allow us to coexist in harmony with nature and produce first-class coffee.

Our organically grown coffee matures under the shade, which allows us to produce higher quality beans and take care of the environment. Producing a first class coffee allows us to contribute to improve the quality of life of the people who are part of the process of our coffee.

A good coffee speaks for itself and this is our voice!

Caring for the nature and people

Using artesanal processes of coffee production, we preserve the nature and adapt the production to the changing climate demands.

Our profits help the communities that are involved in the coffee process. We believe that investing in the quality of life of the people improves the entire process of coffee production. Visit our NGO's websites for more information.

Speciality products

We produce only specialty coffee, variety Gesha, or commonly referred to as Geisha. It produces an extremely aromatic cup with varieties in drying process and roasting.

Minimizing our footprint in every detail also means our coffee packages are carefully selected. Coffee bags are made of Biotrē Film, which is composed of 60% biodegradable material.